Charred landscape around Mt. Hamilton, Santa Clara County (April 2021)
Location: Mt. Hamilton burn scars, Santa Clara County, CA. Picture by Shefali J Lakhina, 2 April 2021.

As part of our Reimagining 2025: Living with Fire program, Wonder Labs is delighted to announce three winning teams for our 2021 Living with Fire Design Challenge!

These incredible student-led teams are pursuing bold ideas to reimagine how their communities can live with fire in just, inclusive, and sustainable ways.

Life after 2020

Coyote in San Francisco. Photo courtesy: Janet Kessler. Read more on KQED.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking outside my study window this year. Watching the trees bloom, glisten, and shed. Hearing squirrels chatter, scratch, and gnaw. Feeling the warm sun, gritty air, and chilly winds. …

Shefali J Lakhina

Shefali is co-founder of Wonder Labs, a social enterprise that catalyzes social and ecological innovations with communities on the frontline of climate impacts.

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